For more than 50 years, we’ve sought to understand the environmental impacts of our business and take actions to be good stewards of our resources and planet.

Bigger Ideas, Smaller Footprint

Our society is increasingly aware of the need for sustainable solutions and social corporate responsibility. At Anomatic, we believe it is our duty to respond to this rising tide of expectations directly through creative solutions that benefit us all. We continue to demand more of ourselves in these key areas, and our outstanding team is working daily to meet these challenges with ingenuity and purpose. Greener products and processes are being developed to ensure our legacy lifts up the next generation.


Over the years, Anomatic has introduced several programs and initiatives to conserve resources, reduce waste, conserve energy, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Room occupancy sensors
  • High-efficiency T8 lighting
  • High-efficiency water nozzles
  • High-efficiency steam generation
  • Employee-driven recycling
  • Processed water recycling
  • Multi-acid recycling
  • Solid waste recycling
  • Oil recycling

Sustainable Packaging by the Numbers

We don’t just talk environmental sustainability. We live it.

100% of anodized aluminum is recyclable.

75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

75% of the used phosphoric acid is recycled.

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Download our sustainability Infographic.

Download Our Sustainability Infographic