Our small Impact leads to greater Change

Aspects of our business are inherently environmentally friendly. We work primarily with aluminum, the Earth’s third most abundant element and one that is infinitely recyclable. It offers a perfect solution for consumers and brands, enabling direct recyclability and endless customization.

75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today

High-recycled content aluminum uses 95% less energy than virgin aluminum

Anodized aluminum is infinitely recyclable

Committed to our most valuable resource — Earth

Other areas of our business require consistent, dedicated effort in order to ensure we are always moving the needle in a positive direction. The manufacturing process can be complex, but it can also be managed, improved, enhanced. Every decision, every action – big and small – can make a significant difference over time.

75% of phosphoric acid recycled for direct reuse
Approximately 75% of sulfuric acid recycled

Almost 13 tons of titanium is recycled into titanium and stainless-steel stock
6 tons of Nickel is recovered and recycled into stainless steel stock
3.2 tons of steel recycled into iron

Saving resources and reducing emissions one loop at a time

By incorporating recycling loop arrangements, Anomatic recovers and reuses materials from the manufacturing process to promote environmental sustainability. Through these systems, materials are repeatedly used in the process or transformed into other useful products other than waste.