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How Anomatic is Responding to COVID-19

Anomatic is an essential partner to the medical, food & beverage and health & beauty markets during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to continue our role in sustaining the manufacturing of these essential products while protecting our valued employees and their families. Among our actions taken to date:

  • Implemented an executive and plant level cross-functional COVID-19 response team to ensure business continuity and a rapid response to changing conditions.  This group is responsible for developing and enforcing dynamic action plans to address the evolving coronavirus situation and ensure the safety our associates and our business operations. 
  • Flexible scheduling for our production personnel and remote work for our non-production personnel to reduce density in our facilities
  • Redesigned and reconfigured factory floor plans and workspaces
  • Modified equipment to maintain social distancing guidelines which include spacing people appropriately and adding plexiglass barriers
  • Establishing safety protocols at all of our plants
  • Implementing enhanced deep-cleaning protocols
  • Requiring the use of PPE both during work and in common areas
  • Deploying masks and gloves to employees
  • Health screenings
  • Travel and visitor bans