Turn up the speed on beautiful finishes for components and luxury parts.

More and more auto makers are discovering the many benefits of anodizing – in fact, the Automotive market is one of the fastest growing markets for aluminum due to the strength, durability, recyclability and beauty that aluminum provides. Here are a few of the benefits that auto manufacturers are discovering about anodized aluminum:

Anodized aluminum offers automakers the ability to add custom finishes and colors to various parts and accessories. This beauty in the details sets the car apart from others in the market.

Anodizing offers stability across manufacturing runs so colors remain consistent and unaffected over time by ultraviolet rays.

An anodized aluminum finish for a car part won’t crack, chip or peel – and is more resistant to abrasion than paint.

Easy to Maintain
Anodizing won’t show fingerprints, corrode, rust, scale or peel.

Capacity and Speed to Market
Anomatic can provide large-scale manufacturing capacity, which translates into speed to market and fast-turns.

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