Introducing AnoCards™

Anodized Aluminum Credit Cards

AnoCards are the world's first and only fully aluminum, anodized card with unsurpassed beauty, security and durability. It's the perfect solution for credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, luggage tags and more.

Unbelievable Beauty

Pick a color, any color — or image.
Anomatic’s patented digital image anodizing process provides for unlimited design options and rich, vibrant colors that let the beauty and luster of aluminum shine through for a luxurious feel. Whether your brand reflects an understated elegance or a rainbow of beautiful colors, Anomatic has you covered.

  • Unlimited color options
  • Won’t fade, chip or discolor over time
  • 100% metal, no PVC to de-laminate, peel or wear off
  • 100% color uniformity and consistency, run after run

Unsurpassed Security

Protect what’s important.
Cards with embedded chips still maintain a vulnerability to skimming and theft. The aluminum body of AnoCards protects against that.

  • AnoCards block radio waves used to the skim the embedded chip
  • Aluminum cards out-last the life of the embedded chip, reducing the chance of a consumer disposing of a worn out plastic card with a fully active chip — an ongoing security concern

Seeing is Believing.

Get custom samples in 7-10 days.

Undeniable Durability

100% aluminum
While an embedded chip can last up to 5 years, a typical PVC card lasts only about 12 months. Anomatic’s AnoCards are impervious to wear and tear and under normal use, will out-last both the embedded chip and the magstripe.

AnoCard Advantages

Pre-Milled Pockets Possible

The chip and magstripe can come pre-milled for inset (if desired)

Custom Colors

From understated elegance to bright flourishes of color, the possibilities are endless

Unlimited Design Options

Any image and any color possible

Metallic Finishes

Bright and semi-bright finishes available

Perfect Weight

9.5 grams is heavier than PVC yet lighter than other precious metals

Tightest Tolerances

All measurements — radii, thickness and size are manufactured to the tightest tolerances

100% Aluminum

No PVC to chip, peel, de-laminate or fade

Smooth Edges

All finishes are smooth with no burrs or sharp edges

Custom samples in 7-10 days.