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Innovative product packaging starts with collaborative design.

Anomatic offers a full suite of value-added design engineering and product development services, including research & development, design for manufacturing and assembly, and rapid 3D prototyping.

Our Innovation & Design Center is staffed by highly skilled chemical, manufacturing and design engineers, industrial designers and marketers who work with you closely from concept through completion.

It's our job to ensure that the final design can be manufactured and assembled efficiently, cost-effectively and consistently — and offers great shelf appeal to consumers.

Whether you need a little design assistance or an entire product packaging concept, call us at 740.522.2203 today to get started.



From concept to creation, faster than you’d think.

At Anomatic’s Innovation & Design Center, our innovation experts can bring your approved product packaging design to life in a matter of days – sometimes less.

We use in-house state-of-the-art 3D SLA printing and CNC milling to create full-size metal and plastic prototypes.

You can take your prototype to market and get immediate customer feedback, saving you time and money during product testing and validation, enabling speed to market.

Whether you need a prototype or more extensive design engineering and manufacturing services, call us at 740.522.2203 today to get started.

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Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping high-quality product precisely and efficiently.

After design and prototyping, we move your product packaging into production. We utilize deep draw and progressive die stamping methods for high volume runs, and offer just-in-time (JIT) lead times to help you stay ahead of demand and reduce your inventory carrying costs.

Building custom tooling in-house at our state-of-the-art Connecticut Tooling Development facility, we are known for exacting tolerances, precision, and repeatability. Our unique deep-draw fabrication technique is meticulously executed and results in precise, repeatable, close-tolerance parts.

Our Metal Stamping processes meet or exceed ANSI, ASME, ASTM, ISO and U.S. Military standards, ensuring that you get consistently high quality product with every run.

Whether you need metal stamping or end-to-end design, manufacturing and finishing for your packaging, call us at 740.522.2203 today to get started.

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Transform your packaging with anodized aluminum.

Anodizing is a unique manufacturing technology that allows you to transform raw aluminum into extremely durable, custom-colored anodized aluminum for your product packaging.

During anodizing, the surface of the metal is converted to its oxide. The oxide layers are receptive to any color dye and are extremely wear resistant — providing a perfect, fully customizable metal canvas for your product branding.

Anomatic is the innovator of this highly specialized process. Our founder patented "The Anomatic System" nearly 50 years ago and we have since enhanced and expanded its capabilities — adding, among other things, the ability to double anodize.

Today, we offer the world’s largest anodizing capacity, producing more than 1.5 billion units annually for global customers.

Whether you need a custom anodizing or end-to-end design, manufacturing and finishing for your packaging, call us at 740.522.2203 today to get started.

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Make sure your packaging finishes strong.

Achieving your specific brand look with your metal packaging requires expert decorating and finishing services, like those available in-house at Anomatic.

Choose from embossing, debossing, laser engraving, screen printing, hot foil stamping, flexographic offset printing or a combination for your artwork and logo. You can even double anodize for a specific multi-color effect.

Don’t see the decorating services you need here? Don’t worry. These are only our standard decorating services. We can customize whatever finish and decoration you need to achieve the look you’re after.

Call us today at 740-522-2203 to learn more about the endless decorating options for your brand packaging.

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Bringing your product together with smart automation.

As part of Anomatic’s integrated, end-to-end packaging services, we offer fully-automated and semi-automated.

Every job is unique. We design and build automated assembly equipment as needed for each job to ensure the right fit whether assembling metal-to-metal, metal-to-plastic or metal-to-cork.

Whether you need assembly for your product packaging or much more, call us at 740.522.2203 today to get started.


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