Flexographic Offset Printing

Flexographic offset printing is a decorative technique that utilizes fast drying inks with multiple colors at once. This allows for another dimension to the packaging by printing unique and custom graphics on the sidewalls. Using this technique, we can print graphics and patterns atop of anodized or metallized finishes in any color – using up to four exact Pantone or CMYK colors.


The Benefits of Flexographic Offset Printing

Flexographic printing has a number of benefits, including:

  • Ink TypesA variety of ink types, with very little drying time – speeding the process and able to meet qualification processes.
  • SubstratesFlexibility to print on a wide variety of surfaces and substrates – including metal, glass and plastic.
  • Little WasteHighly consistent printing quality throughout the entire process, reducing or eliminating waste.

Technical Specifications

Flexographic offset printing is a flexible process, which can be applied with the following specifications:

  • Substrates: Metal, plastic and glass
  • Custom color match or Pantone color match
  • 4 Color Pantone or CMYK
  • Sidewall full coverage possible

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