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Vacuum Metallization

New at Anomatic: Vacuum Metallization

For over 50 years, Anomatic has led the industry in metal forming and anodizing with unique surface finishes — manufacturing packaging for a broad range of industries.

We're proud to announce our newest in-house technology — vacuum metallization. This process creates a beautiful, highly reflective mirror-like finish to nearly any substrate. Vacuum metallizing enhances the overall beauty of your package, allowing you to create a truly stunning, eye-catching design that is unique and creates impressions for your customers.

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Hot Foil Stamping

New at Anomatic: Hot Foil Stamping

The highly automated decoration technique adheres foil artwork to metal, plastic and glass substrates of different geometries. This process has become a necessity for the industry to further differentiate products on the shelf. It can provide a metallic look to an array of finished parts, all inline with precision at high speeds.

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Flexographic Offset Printing

New at Anomatic: Flexographic Offset Printing

Decoration is a key facet to branding. To expand Anomatic's arsenal, we have invested in new machines for flexographic offset printing, allowing us to add another dimension to packaging. This valuable decorative technology can print up to four colors at once with custom graphics and logos achievable to help extend one's brand identity.

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