Anodized Aluminum + Innovative Packaging

Anomatic Corporation has been driving global innovation in anodized aluminum packaging for over 50 years, helping the world’s most trusted brands elevate their packaging to new levels.

Industries We Serve

  • Automotive

    As one of the fastest growing markets for aluminum use, many automakers are discovering the durability, and beauty that aluminum provides.

  • Beauty & Personal Care

    Anodized aluminum adds luxury and prestige to beauty and personal care packaging — elevating your brand so you stand out amongst the competition.

  • Consumer Electronics

    The elegance and sleek finish of anodized aluminum adds a touch of class and customization to any consumer device — stopping customers in their tracks and boosting sales.

  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices

    From simple consumer devices to complex medical equipment, Anomatic understand the strict demands and constant innovation needed in the medical industry.

  • Spirits

    Spirits companies that want to elevate their brands rely on anodized aluminum for a touch of elegance while providing in-store product protection.

Who We Work With

Anomatic is a trusted partner to some of the world's leading brands across multiple industries.

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Our Services

  • Design

    Our Innovation and Design Center incorporates design engineering with innovative technologies to get you the results you're looking for — fast. Equipped with rapid prototyping technology, we can create fully decorated custom packaging prototypes, providing infinite innovation options that can elevate your brand, enhance your packaging, and delight your customers.

  • Prototyping

    At Anomatic’s Innovation & Design Center, our innovation experts can bring your product packaging design to life in a matter of days – sometimes less. We use in-house state-of-the-art 3D SLA printing, CNC milling, and anodizing technologies to create full-size, 100% color-correct metal and plastic prototypes.

  • Fabrication

    Exacting tolerances, precision, and repeatability over time is what Anomatic is known for. Our unique deep-draw fabrication technique is meticulously executed and results in precise, repeatable, close-tolerance parts. We design and build custom tooling in-house at our Connecticut Tooling Development facility.

  • Anodizing

    Anodizing is a unique manufacturing technology that allows you to transform aluminum and other nonferrous metals into extremely durable, custom-colored metal material for your product packaging. Our founder patented “The Anomatic System” nearly 50 years ago and we have since enhanced and expanded its capabilities – adding, among other things, the ability to double anodize.

  • Decorating

    Achieving your specific brand look with your metal packaging requires expert decorating and finishing services, like those available in-house at Anomatic. You can choose from high-gloss, satin, matte, and antique finishes, and add text, logos, and imagery with embossing/debossing, laser engraving, screen printing, or a combination. You can even double anodize for a specific multi-color effect.

  • Assembly

    As part of Anomatic’s integrated, end-to-end packaging services, we offer fully or semi-automated. Every job is unique. We design and build automated assembly equipment as needed for your job so that you receive the highest quality, most cost-effective solution possible.

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