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Sustainable Initiatives at Anomatic Corporation - Environmental Philosophy

Anomatic - Environmentally Friendly Anodizing ServicesAnodized aluminum has been called the "green" or environmentally-friendly finish in packaging and component manufacturing. Why? Because anodized aluminum is 100% recyclable & making everyday elements such as anodized cookware, iPod's, medical devices and personal care packages not only functional but environmentally-friendly, too.

Environmental Philosophy

Anomatic's core philosophy is simple. Manufacturing at the expense of the environment is not acceptable. In line with this philosophy, Anomatic has made a significant, long-term commitment to protect the environment through state-of-the-art waste treatment and recycling processes.


Anomatic has completed a comprehensive sustainability plan & designed to reduce energy, waste, water and air pollution while significantly increasing the ability to recycle and reuse materials. Embarking on the initiatives in early 2008, our efforts are in response to customers' needs to embrace manufacturing practices and partners that meet stringent internal and customer demands.

ANOMATIC Sustainability
& the environment