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Anomatic Corporation's Innovation = The Future

Double Anodized Products Few things are as important to a company's viability as innovation. This is why Anomatic Corporation has taken a long-term strategic approach promoting a culture of innovation towards a common goal: to be the most sustainable anodized aluminum packaging manufacturer in the world. Recent innovations at Anomatic include product offerings, advanced recycling technologies, the implementation of Lean manufacturing, and improved production processes.

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New Product Design and Innovation Center

Innovations CenterAnomatic's dedication to innovation is shown in the New Albany facility design and innovation center where design/packaging engineers will work to continue to reinforce Anomatic as the innovation leader. We have SolidWorks 3D workstations showing design of metal part tooling, assembly systems and interface between plastic and metal. Anomatic can create samples quickly using a new 3D printing system. The innovation center houses onsite custom color matching, laser etching and a miniature CNC-Machining Center. We are proud to display over 40 years of different products anodized by Anomatic in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, alloys, colors and finishes.

Double Anodizing

Innovation Summary

Similar in appearance to hot-stamp foil, the double anodized finish is more versatile and precise in design and artwork customization. Unlike foil, however, the double anodized finish is very durable and able to withstand the harshest conditions - easing any concerns regarding product compatibility. The double anodized finish is capable of combining matte and bright finishes in two different colors on one surface - creating limitless options with the use of the Anomatic system.

  • Design Versatility
  • Two finishes on one surface
  • Durability
  • No testing for compatibility is required - complete anodization
  • Minimal tooling cost
  • Anomatic System offers largest capacity - 50,000 parts per day

Post Consumer Recycled Aluminum

Innovation Summary

Through continuous research and development and collaboration with one of Anomatic's major suppliers, Anomatic has brought to market a new recycled alloy containing guaranteed PCR content. The alloy, 9030, contains 65% recycled stock, of which 20% is guaranteed Post Consumer Recycled. This latest alloy offering is ideal for satin and matte finishes.

Key Benefits

Key BenefitsAnodized aluminum is 100% recyclable, yet this alloy is composed of 65% recycled stock and requires 95% less energy to manufacture as compared to the conversion of raw bauxite ore to aluminum.

New Cleaning Technology Vapor Degreaser

Vapor Degreaser Vapor Degreaser Vapor Degreaser

Innovation Summary

Prior to anodizing, parts must be thoroughly cleaned (degreased). Anomatic's new cleaning system, which employs a Next Generation Solvent with NO Ozone depleting or VOC generating compounds, allows Anomatic to use 90% less carbon based energy to clean parts vs. the previous methods. The closed cycle system is also able to recover the oil through an advanced recovery module, which filters and directs the oil back to its intended use. The system has the potential to recover up to 90% of the oil. This process is both a cost savings and an environmental sustainability improvement.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Reduction of carbon based energy by nearly 90%
  • The system's ability to recover and reuse nearly 90% of the metal stamping oil

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