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& Progressive Die Metal
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Example ProjectsAnodizing of Aluminum Shells
for Lighters
Multi-Color Anodizing of
Aluminum Handles
Bright Anodizing of
Aluminum Door Handles & Lock Hardware
Bright Color Anodizing of
Aluminum Flashlight Body

Anomatic Corp Specializes in Custom Precision Metal Stamping Services, Decorative Color Anodizing Services, Engineering & Product Development Services and Custom Contract Assembly Services

Since 1967 our founding technology, Anomatic's Anodizing System, has been providing customers in a wide range of segments and categories with design, manufacturing and finish solutions. Today, we're the number one supplier of anodized components and packages in North America - and the global leader of distinctive anodizing design solutions for beauty packaging. Customers also count on us for our unique expertise in metal forming, tool and die capabilities and more.

Our constant pursuit of innovation, perfection, efficiencies and the perfect solution makes our commitment to manufacturing - and to you - paramount. When faced with your next challenge, count on Anomatic. Contact us with specifications and we'll strike the ideal balance between your vision and a durable sustainable solution when it comes to aluminum finishing needs including wine and spirits package design, candle lids and accessories, anodized medical and pharma packaging design and other decorative or functional components you may need custom designed and manufactured.