Sustainability and manufacturing do go together.

We don’t just talk environmental sustainability, we live it. Anodized aluminum is 100% recyclable.

Anomatic is committed to global environmental sustainability through technology innovation. This commitment allows us to exceed environmental manufacturing standards at our plants worldwide.

Through our continual reinvestment in on-site state-of-the-art recycling equipment and technologies, we are able to recycle, reuse and reduce many of the materials used in production. Some of our most recent sustainability initiatives include:

  • A new cleaning technology that reduces carbon consumption by 92%
  • New recycling systems that require fewer chemicals and support phosphate reclamation
  • Developed new aluminum alloy containing post-recycled content and requiring 75% less energy
  • LEED-certified manufacturing facility in New Albany, Ohio

Committed to Sustainability

LEED-certified manufacturing facility

No ozone depletion or VOC compounds


Anodized Aluminum
100% recyclable


Recycle over 90% of phosphoric acid used


Aluminum Alloys
75%-80% recycled material


Cleaning Technology
carbon reduction


Air Quality
98% pollutant-free

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