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Anodizing of Aluminum Shells for Lighters

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Lighter Piece
Lighter Piece
Anodized Lighter
Anodized Lighter
Custom Anodized Lighter
Custom Anodized Lighter

Project Scope
Anomatic Corporation used anodizing to achieve a consistent matte finish with very tight tolerances for a disposal lighter flame shield for a major U.S. consumer products company.

The customer wanted flame shields with a consistent matte finish and very tight tolerances throughout millions of units. However, one of the core challenges was to manufacture repeatability without a negative impact to finish quality from part to part and run to run. Since the anodizing process actually "grows" the part dimensionally, extremely tight process controls are required to maintain thickness across millions of parts consistently.

Anomatic provided product engineering and process engineering expertise for both fabrication and finishing needs of the component. They sourced a qualified vendor for the four slide fabricated aluminum shell. Using a custom conveying anodizing system and an internally developed chemical bath formulation for etching the metal, they were able to achieve a consistent matte finish while holding a very tight tolerance. This process has allowed Anomatic to deliver 70 million units each year for over 10 years. "Challenge solved!

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Project Highlights of Anodizing of Aluminum Shells for Lighters

Product Description Flame Shield for a disposable lighter
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • We Provided Engineering Process Engineering Expertise for the Fabrication and Finishing Needs of the Components
Manufacturing Sourcing
  • We Sourced a Qualified Vendor to Carry out the Four Slide Stamping of the Aluminum Shell
  • We Had to Achieve a Consistent Matte Finish While Holding a Very Tight Tolerance Across Millions of Units
  • We Developed a Custom Chemical Bath Formulation for Etching the Metal
Equipment Used to Anodize Part Custom Designed Manufactured Racking System
Custom Conveying Anodizing System
  • Provides Superior Quality Reliability
Overall Part Dimensions Thickness: .015"
.750" length x .350" width
Tightest Tolerances +/- .0005"
Material Used 5052 Aluminum
Material Finish Matte Silver
In process testing/inspection performed Metal Thickness, Coating Thickness, Critical Dimensions, Functional Testing
Industry for Use Disposable Lighter
Quantity 70 Million Units Annually over 10 Years
Delivery Location Boston, MA
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name Anodizing of Aluminum Shell

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